Coffee Table Books

coffee table books

These books are more than just cute design. Coffee table books are timeless decor and an instant guest attraction. Here are our top four favorite coffee table books to add to your home or to give as a gift.


[Photo Credit:  Amazon ]

[Photo Credit: Amazon]

Beaches - Gray Malin

This book has beautiful photographs of beaches around the world that look too good to be true. And it doubles as a travel guide. On Amazon for $28.

[Photo Credit:  Penguin Random House ]

[Photo Credit: Penguin Random House]

Sneakers - Rodrigo Corral

This one dives into the world of sneakers with the coolest color block cover. Simple, interesting and intriguing. Amazon’s got it for $17.



[Photo Credit:  Alabaster ]

[Photo Credit: Alabaster]


This collection is made up of books from the Bible. The imagery, design and layout of these books is absolutely stunning. Amazon has the 4 Gospels set for $95.



[Photo Credit:  Barnes & Nobles]

[Photo Credit: Barnes & Nobles]



Because who doesn’t love champagne? And the cover is perfection. Amazon: $43.

(Photo Credit:  Amazon )

(Photo Credit: Amazon)


This is one of the best and most fun cookbooks I’ve ever owned. Delicious recipes and witty humor from Chrissy is sure to be a favorite for the coffee table. (And Ayesha Curry’s book, The Seasoned Life, is awesome, as well!) $21 on Amazon.