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Elise here, founder of Duvei Magazine. I think there’s something so special about getting mail from someone you actually know. Whether it be for a baby cousin’s first birthday, my family’s annual Christmas card or a wedding invite from my best friend, I love getting mail like this. With my birthday right around the corner in November and the holidays trailing afterwards, now is the time to start making plans for fall and winter get togethers. That’s where Basic Invite comes into play with unique birthday invitations and/or invites for any other event you are planning. Trust me, these are high quality and unique and you’re going to want to place an order ASAP.

I’m personally loving this modern design for a birthday invite and this cozy Christmas party invite.

Being a creative, I love the option of customizing my invites or even having the option to upload my own designs. Basic Invite has you covered with unique and beautiful cards with over 180 custom color options and hundreds of design options that allow you to personalize down to the smallest of details. Choose from custom birthday invitations, graduation invites, friendsgiving invites, Christmas party invites, baptism invites, you name it. Think of Basic Invite as boutique quality but with affordable prices and more options that you could imagine. Basic Invite is also a one stop shop for business cards, wedding websites, and stationary. I know where I will be ordering my next round of Duvei business cards from.

We went through the process of designing your own cards and it’s as easy as abc.

Here’s the breakdown:


Step 1: Select Your Event & Design

What’s your invite for? Wedding, graduation, baby, party, birthday, retirement, baptism, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s? Basic Invite has a very user-friendly website that enables you to choose invites that best go with your event with hundreds of designs to choose from. You can narrow it down to just one category such as surprise birthday party invitations or you can view all birthday invites at once and choose from there.


Step 2: Customize

Here’s the fun part! Basic Invite’s array of color choices is something that sets it apart from other invitation companies. Choose literally any color you could possibly think of and chances are, Basic Invite has it. There are 27 different shades of blue alone! Edit your text to fit your event including size, alignment, font, line height and placement. Choose to have normal text and/or raised or flat foil (available in gold, silver and rose gold). Choose the type of paper as well as the shape of the card such as square, rounded, bracket or ticket. Choose your quantity from 1-500. Talk about options!


Step 3: Order your sample (optional)

Not many invitation websites will let you do this, but Basic Invite has the Warby Parker type of business model: try before you buy. Viewing a PDF online is great but there’s something special about holding the physical invite in hand before you go through with a full order.


Step 4: Customize your Envelope

You can choose from over 40 different colors of peel and seal envelopes (the best kind!) and even choose to have your return address printed on the envelopes to make your job even easier.


Step 5: Address Collection (optional)

Instead of texting every person and asking for their address the old school way, Basic Invite allows you to share a link on any social media platform you choose to request everyone’s addresses which will then be privately stored in your account and can be selected once you go to order your invites. Save some money during the holidays; address printing is no additional cost on all Christmas card orders.

So go ahead and order beautiful invites for your husband’s birthday, a fall kick-off party, or start a new annual tradition of a Christmas gift exchange. The best part? Basic Invite is offering 15% off through the end of September with coupon code: 15FF51. Time to throw a party!

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