4 Gym Alternatives

basketball court

Sometimes, you just need to escape to the outdoor air + save the gym for a rainy day. In this day and age, you don’t even need a gym to be fit and in shape. Especially during the summer, getting outside to work out can get you a good workout while also boosting your mood. We have put together three ways to get your sweat on while breathing the fresh air + taking in the natural light.

seattle city court


Find a local park or court. You can burn anywhere between 250-350 calories by playing basketball or even just shooting hoops for 30 minutes and it's much more fun than being on a machine at the gym. Check our local listing for parks. (This can make for a cool impromptu photoshoot, too!)

spray park falls


Go on a run or walk in a new place with friends or your boo. Find a local trail and take the scenic route. You may find some views along the way (like this bear pictured near Mt. Rainier). Just remember to be safe.

beach scene workout


Grab your mat, find a clean open space, and do your thing! You could do a workout from the NTC app, take 10 minutes to stretch + foam roll or make up your own routine. Try doing something that your body isn't used to; you will feel it the next day. And enjoy the views while you’re at it.