All Natural: A Review of Schmidt's Naturals

Photo:  Schmidt’s

Plant powered natural personal care at a reasonable price that actually works. This is what Schmidt’s is all about. It’s no wonder why they have won awards for their genius products. They formulate their products with only the best ingredients to keep your body safe from any harm. Not to mention, Schmidt’s has a really cool recycling program that you have to get in on. We tried out four of their incredible products and we fell in love. Head on over the Schmidt’s or your local store and give your body some extra love.


Cedarwood + Juniper Deodorant

This is great for both men and women with a rustic floral scent to keep you smelling fresh all day long. We also really like their famous Activated Charcoal Deodorant (or any scent, really). $9

charcoal toothpaste

Activated charcoal toothpaste

Whiter teeth and fresh breath made with only the good stuff. You can trust this toothpaste for one of the most important places on your body to keep clean. Also, they have a line of mouthwash to keep your teeth extra sparkly + clean. $6

body wash

cedarwood + juniper body wash

This lightweight sudsy body wash is just what you need. Formulated with argan oil, seaweed and antioxidants to soothe your skin. $10

all natural bar soap

Cedarwood+ juniper Natural Soap

Bar Soap: Reimagined. This is no hotel soap. Infused with charcoal and volcanic sand, you skin will totally be exfoliated with this smooth bar for your face and body. So good that you’ll want to add it to your shower routine. $6

*All photos courtesy of Schmidt’s

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