Our Favorite Natural Skincare Products


These are four of our top all natural skincare products that we guarantee you will love. Get your healthy glow while being all natural + saving major $$$.

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Argan Oil

Use this one on your face, hair, and body. This will leave your skin feeling soft and filled with a nice glow. Known as nature’s "liquid gold" and $9 on Amazon.

Coconut oil

You can use this right on your hair, your face, your body for tons of nutrients & super soft skin. This is also a wonderful lubricant for intimate moments. Get this one from Shea Moisture for $9 on Amazon.

cocokind natural


We keep this one in our bag at all times for moisture at it’s finest. It’s perfect for lips and under eyes and will have your skin glowy with that “post-spa” feel. It will last you quite a while too. $12 on Amazon.

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African black soap

Purify your skin and soften it up with this great body wash that has been proven effective for many centuries. The big bottle of Alaffia’s Eucalyptus Tea Tree for $17 is a Duvei favorite.

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