Get Glowing: The Best Facial Oils

face oils

During the winter months, skin needs all the moisture it can get. And even during the warmer months, we all love that sunkissed glow. Enter: face oils galore. We’ve tried out many different ones but these 4 came out on top for that moisturized, dewy and glowing skin. You may even want to try going sans make up after using them. They’re that good. The best part? These are all natural with ingredients that you can feel 100 % good about. So grab your jade roller and smother you face in these refreshing oils that will give you the skin of your dreams.

face oils

BodyCeuticals Oil

This oil is one of our favorites. It’s filled with all the good stuff and will leave you feeling soft and moisturized. You can use it on your face, all over your body, as a lube, in the bath, or for a relaxing massage. $21 on Bodyceuticals website or Amazon.

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Pacifica Face Oil

This oil smells heavenly and will give your face that glow. And if you wanna be extra, add a little to your face and massage in with a jade roller. Now that’s self-love. $16 on Amazon (but just recently found it at Whole Foods for $12.)

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Cocokind Firming Oil

Gentle and so very soothing. This oil takes off make up and hydrates your skin, brows and lashes gently. $14 on Amazon (and you may spy Cocokind on TJ Maxx shelves too. Major $ saver, just saying.)

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Acure Argan Oil

Argan oil is a medicine cabinet staple. And this one is all you need. Keep your skin like “liquid gold.” $10 on Amazon (also sometimes found at TJ Maxx).

*All photos from brand’s websites.

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