Catch Some Z's


Sleep is essential for improving your memory, awakening your creativity, sharpening your mind, maintaining a healthy weight, lowering your stress, diminishing depression and strengthening your immune system (+ much more). Want to catch some high quality Z's? These three simple tips will make for a more restful and peaceful night's sleep so that you can be the best version of you.


[Photo Credit:  Pure Spa ]

[Photo Credit: Pure Spa]


Essential Oil machine

These refresh the air and help to relieve stress while you snooze. We like this one from Pure paired with a few drops of lavender and eucalyptus essential oil. Lavender helps aid in insomnia, relieves muscle pain, boosts your digestion system and reduces anxiety + stress while eucalyptus helps relieve mental exhaustion, improves brain function, strengthens the immune system and helps reduce joint pain. Not to mention, this is a dreamy scent when released into the air. Pick up your essential oils at TJ Maxx or Amazon for a low price. And, you may even find a great essential oil machine at TJ Maxx for half the price.



[Photo Credit:  Target ]

[Photo Credit: Target]

Sound Machine

These aren't just for babies; use one of these in our own rooms for a good night's rest. Researchers have found that a sound machine does two things: blocks outside noises and creates a soothing sound to help induce sleep. This Sharper Image one comes with 12 sounds including rain, white noise, and ocean waves. It also has a sleep timer, sleek design, and a little nightlight.


[Photo Credit:  Swedish App Scene ]

[Photo Credit: Swedish App Scene]


Sleep Cycle App 

You have probably heard that there are many different sleep levels that occur throughout the night and this alarm helps to wake you up at your lightest level of sleep for a good night's rest helping you feel more awake throughout the day. The best to do this is to choose the latest time possible that you need to wake up and it will create a window (from 10-90 minutes) and wake you up during that time frame when you are in a light sleep. They recommend to keep this at a 30 minute window. The app tracks your sleep quality, what time you went to bed, average sleep time, and even find the factors that are helping/hurting your sleep such as: eating, exercise, weather, location, etc. This app also comes with soothing sounds acting as a sound machine to wake you/help you fall asleep.


*Extra Luv: Invest in some good sheet & wake yourself up with a shower. You will feel a world of difference.*

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